Leading Into the New Year

The holidays are in full swing with Christmas music playing, kids anticipating what might be under the tree and, hopefully, a time to reflect on what made 2014 a year to be grateful for.  We know firsthand that the legal industry isn\’t easy, and it takes a huge commitment of time and resources to be successful.  It\’s always worthwhile, especially during this time of year, to slow down, look back and see where you and your firm made a major difference in the lives of others.  Maybe you helped someone get back on their feet because you helped them to receive much needed Social Security Disability benefits when they struggled to get through the system on their own.  Or stood behind an injured worker in a Workers Compensation claim allowing the claimant time to heal and get back on their feet.  There are so many ways attorneys can help others through their profession.

Looking toward 2015, what are some of the ways that you can help even more people?  Are there systems or resources that will help streamline your business processes and promote the growth of your law firm?  The positive outcomes that you have created for your clients provide the basic foundation for new referrals but these days it takes strong, thoughtful marketing to really accelerate growth in today\’s legal industry.   Ensuring that you have a solid stream of high quality leads flowing into your firm with a fast, friendly and efficient intake system is fundamental to future success.

Late in the year is a good time to reflect on past accomplishments but also a time to look ahead to where your greatest opportunities may be waiting for you.  Don\’t underestimate the powerful forces of a changing digital marketing landscape, one that requires a fresh perspective on how to grow a healthy legal practice.  Solid lead generation in key practice areas like Social Security Disability, Workers Compensation and Personal Injury allows you to grow your practice efficiently while providing you the necessary time to focus on the legal help people need–people who then become your newest referral source–it is a virtuous cycle that really works!

Thank you to all of our clients who have helped JurisLead have a fantastic year.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help thousands of people get the legal help they need while helping law firms grow their revenue and strengthen their practice.

Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2015!