Personal Injury Lead Intake Tips

Personal Injury cases are the lifeblood of many law firms. Auto accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, dog bites–there are so many ways people can be seriously injured and often deserve significant compensation for their medical bills, pain, suffering and loss of income. The potential for large contingency fees, sometimes in the millions of dollars, attract a lot of interest in this lucrative practice area. Attorneys receive potential cases from many sources including outside lead generation services. Leads (potential claimants) can arrive by phone, an online lead form on your firm\’s website, personal referrals or via a lead service generating email or live call transfers.

Here are several best practices to keep in mind when handling incoming personal injury leads:

• The single most important practice for success with incoming legal leads is to have a live person answer the phone. If there are no resident intake personnel available then a call center can do an excellent job.

• Fast follow up is key to higher ROI with incoming legal inquiries. Any calls that end up in a voicemail box or transferred via email should be handled immediately as they come in. Studies show a 50%+ drop in the viability and value of an inquiry after the first 2 hours. When consumers call for help they are generally in a mode of talking with someone immediately or may move on to the next alternative.

• Raw, inbound TV generated legal leads will cover a wide range of matters, from motor vehicle accidents to slip and fall, medical malpractice or other types of injuries. Sometimes claimants may have additional issues to discuss beyond an injury. Due to the nature of legal lead generation, it is important to screen well and view your return on investment over the long haul. Remember, it may only take one good personal injury case to more than offset an entire year\’s marketing budget.

• Persistent follow up after an initial phone conversation is a must.  Make sure you stay in close contact with claimants that have not yet decided to hire a your (or any) law firm yet. A friendly call (or sometimes a few calls) to answer questions and help persuade claimants to proceed with your firm is highly recommended.

• Always stay in communication with your lead source. A mid-campaign check in allows you to discuss how the program is going, get questions answered that may have come up since the campaign began, and receive additional guidance on intake handling procedures to help ensure maximum results.

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