The Dog Days of Summer are Over – Now What?

What does fall mean for your law practice? Now that summer is behind us, for many it\’s time to move your foot off the brake (if it ever was there) and firmly back on the accelerator. Fall is typically a very busy time requiring a readiness to take on potential new clients and advance existing matters prior to the holidays while keeping an eye on setting your practice up for success in the coming new year. It\’s an exciting time but it can also be a recipe for burnout and/or neglect for loved ones. More often than not, fall means change and adjustments for your business which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to make the transition smoother and set yourself up for success in the coming months and new year:

Reconnect with existing clients: When the kids are out of school and it seems that everyone is on vacation, it\’s easy to let good communication lag over the summer months. Look at your client base and send out a newsletter letting your clients know what is happening with your firm and remind them of the focus of your practice. If you keep a good database it\’s easy to do and can result in new business from existing clients or act as a trigger for new referrals.

Revisit your business goals: We\’ve all heard the saying \”failure to plan is planning to fail\”. After a long summer the focus on your firm\’s business goals can slip and new opportunities can easily be missed. Reassess or set new goals for the next three months. What will it take to move your firm forward? Is it streamlining your intake, investing in a new marketing campaign or testing lead generation for your practice area? Having a plan and taking action sounds so simple but can be easily overlooked as business and life shout for our attention each and every moment. Take a step back, plan and then execute. And never forget to make time for those that matter most.

Clean up the office: Yes, that\’s right, tidy up your office, rearrange furniture, clean out old files, get business supplies organized and generally spruce the place up. It will have a positive impact on mood and morale and will clear the decks for when things really start to get busy.

Create a To-Do List: I know, it sounds so simple. Keeping a comprehensive list of the most important things we need to get done to grow our business. Simply write down all of the key tasks that feed into your main goals and then prioritize. It becomes a living document where you are constantly adding, re-prioritizing and bumping stuff off as needed. I like to keep a notepad by my bed and add a few things for my main list right before going to sleep, it really helps clear my head, feel more in control and get a better night\’s sleep.

Well, there you have it, just a few pointers on how to light a fire under your business as we leave summer behind and head into fall. Enjoy the ride.