What to Expect from a Lead Generation Service

Get the most our of your lead generation specialist

When evaluating whether or not to use a lead generation service it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The most important is to be very clear about the focus of your law practice and what your goals are as you build your niche. Certain categories of legal case leads are more efficient to generate than others. For instance personal injuries occur thousands of times each day in the US and there are millions of potential Social Security Disability claimants every year. Workers Compensation is another area where it is possible to generate potential new cases through various lead generation methods. The point is that lead generation is a powerful method of marketing your firm, just be aware that some practice areas are better than others for a high volume approach.

A good lead generation specialist should be interested in your law practice and want to learn about your current marketing strategy and intake process. This is valuable information that will help inform the best lead gen approach for your practice. You may already have a fully staffed Social Security Disability intake system ready to handle a large influx of new potential claimants or you may be a smaller Personal Injury or Workers Comp firm where leads are sent directly to the attorneys. There are products and services available to customize the best approach for your firm so that you will be able to convert the maximum number of incoming leads into revenue.

Great lead generation specialists will counsel new law firm clients on exactly how leads are generated. The two primary methods that JurisLead uses are “online” and “offline”. Online leads are typically produced through special websites that potential claimants visit because they are just taking their first steps toward finding out what they can do about their potential case. Law firms should always provide a “free consultation” to help the claimant decide if your approach makes sense for them. Consumers find the websites through “Pay Per Click” (PPC) advertising where ads are placed on search engines like Google and Bing to send people to the website as they type in special keywords like \”Auto Accident Attorney\” or \”Social Security Disability benefits help\”, etc. They may also find the websites naturally via “organic” search where the websites are already optimized to show up in the regular search results.

Offline leads are generated using primarily television and radio advertising. JurisLead uses a powerful combination of media to generate a very high volume of personal injury and workers compensation leads. TV and Radio advertisements are run in major markets throughout the US to encourage people who have sustained a serious injury that was not their fault, to call in and find out about their potential case. It is a powerful way to significantly increase your case load over a relatively short period. A good lead generation specialist should make clear what to expect when using this method of legal marketing. For most personal injury leads, JurisLead uses a “pay per call” approach that guarantees a specific number of calls in a given time frame. Law firms are only charged for the calls that they receive so this helps spread out the risk of what to expect. Calls are handled by a professional call center and then emailed to the law firm immediately. This ensures that no calls are dropped if multiple come in at the same time. The TV and Radio commercials can be left as a generic lead generation system or include the law firm name and brand. A good lead specialist will help your decide which route is best for you.

It is important to manage your expectations with each individual potential claimant (lead). As you are aware, people do not always know if they really have a viable case or what the likelihood of prevailing would be. So, it’s important to remember that it’s a numbers game where there are plenty of great opportunities for generating settlements including some highly valuable catastrophic or wrongful death but also the occasional divorce or employment matter. It is just the nature of working with people who need legal help. Additionally, a good lead generation service should always provide credit for crank calls, wrong numbers, dropped calls, etc.

If lead generation sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to contact us for more information on how JurisLead can help supercharge your practice.