5 Ways To Maximize Your Online Presence

by Stephanie Caudle, contributing writer

Social media, pay per click, television commercials and the list goes on and on of the numerous tactics used by lawyers in order to employ new personal injury clients.

The biggest issue with marketing in the personal injury realm is that some lawyers still have an indifferent opinion toward marketing. This in part is because many attorneys feel as if larger law firms with big budgets make it harder for them to compete when they continue to oversaturate the market with advertising in phonebooks, online, billboards, public transportation and everywhere in between.

Despite this over-saturation there are still several low cost ways that you can implement in order to take your online marketing strategies to the next level. Here are 5 ways your personal injury firm can improve your online presence:

Search Engine Optimization 

While not totally new there is still a lot that many marketers and personal injury lawyers don’t know about search engine optimization. Search optimization is defined as the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. In order to maximize this process it is important that you understand the importance of keyword research.

Keyword research defined by Hubspot as when people use keywords to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The knowledge about these actual search terms can help inform content strategy, or marketing strategy overall. While SEO does play a vital role in online marketing it is only a small piece of an even bigger pie.

Social Media

Despite the continuous flack that social media continues to receive, it is important that your law firm actively engages on social media platforms that share your audience. This could include hosting a Facebook contest or perhaps a Twitter chat. Implementing these various tactics can ultimately be the driving factor for increasing your client engagement. It is important to note however, that your firm does not have to be on every social media platform in order to remain relevant.

Guest Posting

Does your firm specialize in a particular type of cases? Do you consider your team to be experts about everything related to personal injury law? If yes, perhaps your team should consider guest posting on other sites. Guest posting allows you to write and publish practically any article on relevant websites and blogs. If you are hoping to really optimize the power of guest posting you may want to consider opportunities on higher Domain Authority sites such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Lifehack, etc.

Google/Yelp Reviews

Do your customers think you are great? Do they rave over how great your services are? Ask them to leave a review on Yelp and Google. What many personal injury lawyers fail to realize is that one of the easiest ways to climb up the online marketing ladder is by encouraging google and yelp reviews. The more reviews you receive, the higher your business will rank. The higher your ranking, the more potential you have for an increased clientele.

Digital PR/Link-building

Another great way to increase your online media presence is through digital pr/link-building. These tactics can be executed by building strategic relationships with publications and other online influencers who can work with you to make sure your brand, products or services are mentioned in their publications.