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Personal injuries are a common occurrence in the US, with millions of cases reported each year. The leading cause of death: Unintentional injuries–especially among people under the age of forty-four. They surpass many diseases as a cause of mortality. Auto accidents account for many of these serious injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 36,000 fatalities and an additional 2.7 million people received injuries as the result of car accidents every single year. 

Our personal injury leads for sale are a powerful way to grow your practice.

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Building your practice  with personal injury leads is a powerful and rewarding investment for your law firm. 

Personal injury lead generation is a substantial and growing segment of the legal field. Auto accidents,  workplace injuries,  product liability and medical malpractice issues are prevalent, ensuring a consistent flow of potential new clients, “legal leads”, who are seeking justice and compensation.

Personal injury cases often involve substantial damages, making them financially attractive to your law firm’s bottom line. Successful settlements for your clients can sometimes run in the millions of dollars leading to substantial contingency fees for your firm.

Buying personal injury legal leads for your firm provides the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of your clients by helping them to recover physically, emotionally, and financially from their injuries.

JurisLead receives tens of thousands of pre-qualified, high-converting legal leads looking for help with their personal injuries every year.  Find out how JurisLead can deliver  qualified personal injury leads to your firm–get started today!



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Personal Injury Leads Available

The team at JurisLead has built a powerful reputation delivering high-converting, pre-qualified, exclusive personal injury leads to its valued law firm partners. We make it rain so you can grow.

Auto Accidents

Car accidents resulting in serious injury or death occur over 2.7 million times per year. Qualified legal leads help connect motor vehicle accident victims with qualified attorneys.

Workers Compensation

Common types of workers' compensation legal claims include traumatic physical injuries such as fractures, sprains and strains, cuts and lacerations, burns, contusions and bruises.

Premises Liability

Premises liability legal leads connect the potential claimant and the owner of the property who was negligent in maintaining or ensuring the safety of the premises, leading to injury or harm.

Mass Tort

Mass tort leads play a crucial role in connecting injured parties with law firms who can advocate for their rights and seek compensation for their injuries or damages as part of a larger group of plaintiffs.

Dog Bites

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over 4.5 million dog bite incidents every year. Among children, the highest rate of dog bite injuries is between 5 and 9 years old.

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How Legal Leads Work

JurisLead generates high quality, exclusive legal leads from people searching the internet for help with an auto accident, workers compensation, personal injury or other legal matter. We use a variety of methods including search engine marketing, social media, and organic online methods.



JurisLead and its affiliated meda partners advertise PPC (pay-per-click), Organic Search, and Traditional Media.

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Potential Claimants (legal leads) see our ads and complete an online screening regarding their case.

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Our call team double-verifies details of the incident and makes sure it meets our strict standards for conversion.

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Legal leads are delivered exclusively to one of our law firm partners.

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