Auto Accident Personal Injury Leads

Auto Accident Personal Injury Leads

Accident injury victims need expert legal representation
Auto accident personal injury victims need expert legal representation

JurisLead specializes in auto accident personal injury leads for sale. The primary reason we get so much interest in this area is they are very difficult to generate and in high demand from law firms that focus on people injured in car accidents or other types of personal injury situations. One of the main reasons law firms are interested in auto accident personal injury leads is the high settlement potential and relative ease and simplicity of determining if a potential claimant deserves compensation for their injury.

More than 2 million people are injured in car crashes every year according to the Insurance Research Council. The average auto accident claim that covers both the insured driver and others involved in the crash has risen to well over $26,500 thanks in large part to soaring medical costs including pain and suffering, loss of work and other damages. Our auto accident personal injury leads for sale are designed specifically for attorneys who represent injured drivers, passengers, pedestrians and their families who are victims of a car crash. Injured auto accident victims want an attorney who will be proactive and fight for the best possible settlement.

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How Are Auto Accident Personal Injury Leads for Sale Generated?

Our auto accident personal injury leads for sale are generated from car crash victims who have expressed an interest in talking to an attorney while actively exploring their options online. The primary way we do this is through advertising on search engines like Google and social media. We are experts at connecting with potential claimants at just the right time. . . when they are searching for legal help! Trying to do this yourself can result in an extremely high cost per click ranging anywhere from $150 to over $400 per click! And it usually takes at least 5 clicks to get a single car accident lead on your website.  That’s right, a lead not yet a case.

As experts in the field, we have perfected the use of volume advertising across the entire country resulting in much better efficiencies and more potential auto accident cases we can send your way. When someone is looking for help, they will find one of our ads that helps them understand what their options are with a form where they can request an initial consultation with a legal professional regarding their accident. Our leads are then double verified to ensure that they meet stringent criteria (many times call verified).

JurisLead then matches your firm with auto accident personal injury victims specifically looking for legal representation in your geography. We then send them to you in real time. We pride ourselves on thorough screening and fast delivery. The quicker we can connect new auto accident lead prospects with you, the greater the likelihood of retaining them as a new client.

What Qualifies As An Auto Accident Lead?

In general, the leads you receive will be from potential claimants that are seeking legal help for an injury sustained in one of the following ways:

  • Passenger car
  • Truck/18 Wheeler
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Uber/Lyft accidents
  • Pedestrians struck and injured by a motor vehicle
  • Public transportation (bus, subway train, etc.)

These types accidents can potentially cause paralysis, traumatic brain injury, whiplash, soft tissue damage, broken bones, and other types of serious injuries. Many times this results in pain and suffering in addition to lost wages. In some cases, insurance and jury settlements can run into the millions of dollars.

This is how we screen for potential auto accident personal injury leads for sale to our clients:

  • First, there must be an actual injury as the result of the accident.
  • The car or motor vehicle accident must NOT be the fault of the person requesting help.
  • The person injured has not hired and is not contractually obligated to another firm or attorney.
  • The potential claimant’s injury occurred within the statute of limitations for auto accidents or personal injury cases in the state where the law firm is receiving legal leads.

In most cases, we then call verify the potential lead claimant to ensure that it was not submitted in error or bogus and deliver this valuable legal lead to your firm instantaneously. As soon as a potential claimant fills out an auto accident lead form you receive it by email or text!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Car Accident Leads Cost?

Our auto accident personal injury leads for sale range in price depending on the state you practice law in and overall availability. This is usually a range of $225 – $300 per lead. We will always provide the best possible lead price available, simply contact us and let us know your geography and we will provide a quote!

Is There a Long-Term Contract?

At JurisLead, you will never be locked into a long-term contract. We bill for a set number of leads (usually 15) and after those are delivered we encourage you to review your results, see how many new cases you secured and then decide if you would like to continue with a new campaign. Many of our clients will set the campaign to bill for a certain number of leads each month once they saw how great their results are!

What Does an Auto Accident Personal Injury Lead Look Like?

Leads are sent by email or SMS alerts and look like the example below:

Personal Information:

  • First Name:  Barbara
  • Last Name: Jones
  • Phone Number: 978-457-xxxx
  • Email Address
  • City: Anytown
  • State: CO
  • Zip Code:  80014
  • Were you hospitalized: (yes/no)
  • When the injury Occurred: (within state statute of limitations)
  • Case Notes:  A description of the injury appears here and usually contains a brief description of the accident and other details

What Happens if I Get a “Bad” Lead?

No problem! Simply request a lead return within 7 days of receiving it and if it meets one of the return criteria below we will replace it with a new lead.

  • The number on the lead was wrong and connects with someone other than filled out the form.
  • When the personal injury lead is called the number is disconnected or no longer in service.
  • The accident/injury took place outside of the attorney or law firm’s geography of service.
  • The potential claimant was at fault or cited for the accident.
  • They are already represented by an attorney or law firm.
  • The accident took place outside statute of limitations.
  • It was not a motor vehicle accident (i.e. car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian hit by car, Uber/Lyft or public transportation accident).

Will My Leads Be Sent to Other Buyers?

No, that’s what we mean when we say your leads are “exclusive”, we never deliver leads to more than one law firm. You would think this would be the case in the legal lead industry but there are actually many other providers that do just that, send the same lead to several different law firms! Yikes! How would you like to pay for a lead that is now being bombarded with phone calls from all of your competitors!

We guarantee that all auto accident personal injury leads purchased from JurisLead are exclusive to your firm. They will not be split, shared or sent to any other buyer.

How Fast Will I Receive My Leads?

Leads are delivered in “real time” meaning your firm will receive the lead immediately after someone fills out one of our lead forms and we verify its quality and authenticity. As soon as someone clicks the “send” button on the lead form the potential claimant is on its way to you! Overall lead volume will depend on the population of your state.

How Do I Make Sure a Lead Becomes a Case?

Here are 5 tips to help you close more cases from our auto accident personal injury leads for sale:

  1. The single most important key for success with incoming car accident leads is fast follow up. Studies show a 50%+ drop in the viability and value of an inquiry after the first 2 hours. When consumers call for help, they are generally in a mode of talking with someone immediately or they may move on to the next alternative.
  2. Right behind immediate contact is persistent follow up after the initial phone conversation. Make sure you stay in close contact with claimants that have not yet decided which law firm they want to hire. Continuing to reach out to answer questions and help persuade claimants to proceed with your firm is highly recommended.
  3. Invest in a good quality case management software like Clio or MyCase. Tracking your auto accident personal injury leads as they flow through your case intake pipeline is critical to ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Scheduling follow up calls, emails and texts ensures potential claimants are engaged.
  4. Train new staff effectively. If you (the attorney) are not handling the initial call to the lead yourself, make sure all intake staff have a deep understanding of how important their position is and that they show a high level of empathy for every single call they handle. Most people who reach out to a law firm are enduring a stressful period in their life and are looking for someone who understands and is ready to help them.
  5. Always stay in communication with your lead source. A mid-campaign check in allows you to discuss how the program is going, get questions answered that may have come up since the campaign began, and receive additional guidance on intake handling procedures to help ensure maximum results.

Other Types of Personal Injury Leads for Sale

In addition to auto accident leads, JurisLead generates a variety of personal injury case leads such as slip and fall, dog bites, bicycle accidents, on premise, workplace accidents and more. It’s easy to get started just give us a call or fill out the simple form and we will answer any questions you have with no obligation.

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