Top 5 Free Online Resources to Attract New Clients

When reviewing your marketing budget it is great to know that there are many  free online resources to augment your lead generation efforts.

With the explosion of the internet we have all seen countless online marketing channels and cloud-based tools come and go. It’s hard not to experience a certain level of fatigue with the incessant introduction of new products and services. This can cause a blind spot for marketing strategies that might actually move the needle for your law firm.

At the top of the list of resources that often do not receive the attention they deserve from a marketing perspective is social media. The problem is that there are so many channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and it takes so much time and effort to maintain, that many attorneys abandon the whole thing. Dabbling and changing platforms and services frequently will lead to overwhelm and abandonment.  The solution for most attorneys is to allocate enough time and resources to stay current with one or just a few powerful channels.

Here are 5 free online resources that you should consider for your law firm marketing effort:

  1. YouTube offers a massive audience that is often overlooked.  YouTube is owned by Google so it is optimized for their search engine and can provide additional search results where consumers are searching for help in your practice area.  Don’t underestimate the power of attorney video to show off your firm in new ways and to help get found by search engines constantly scanning the internet for unique media beyond articles and blog posts.
  2. Google Analytics: Google provides free tools including Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Google Alerts that help you to monitor your online traffic as well as data on what search terms consumers are looking for. Turning away from this bounty of free online resources is definitely a mistake. It is a must have to optimize your web presence.
  3. Google+: One critical area that should be at the top of the list is Google+. Google is continuously integrating its search functionality with its Google+ social platform and it does have a big impact on your online visibility both with standard search and Google Places.   If you haven\’t done it already, at least make sure your law firm has a basic Google+ profile.
  4. LinkedIn is a very powerful platform for connecting with business-minded consumers in need of legal help and allows you to actively join discussions in groups. At a minimum you and your team should have updated profiles and a basic company page.  Consumers will frequently look up your profile to review credentials prior to hiring you or your firm.  This is best for business to business or high net worth client prospecting.
  5. Facebook has surpassed a billion users and in addition to a free law firm profile there are efficient ways to connect with consumers through their paid advertising products.  For firms specializing in B2C such as divorce, estate planning and bankruptcy, Facebook can be a very efficient way to connect with potential clients.

These are just a few examples powerful and free resources available to help grow your law firm.  Sure it takes an investment of time but if you are selective it can substantially boost your ability to attract new clients.

Remember, it is very important to understand exactly who your market is and to match the correct platform to it. Then allocate the appropriate resources.